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Best Classes To Take During College

IMAGE CREDIT Unless you’re attending a trade or craft school, typically your core classes don’t teach you specific on the job functions. Though you may learn to draft up a proposal (or something to that equivalent depending on your major) you’re not entirely aware of the work place hierarchy, customs and procedures until you’ve landed

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3 Tips To Start Your Spring Semester With A Bang

IMAGE CREDIT Feeling a little blue after the holidays? Or maybe you’re still nursing that hangover from the New Year’s party you attended a couple of days ago? On the bright side – you’ve got an entire semester ahead of you. Not… Right now, you’re smack in the middle of school semesters. This means it’s

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Dorm Room Recipes Over Thanksgiving

IMAGE CREDIT Traditionally speaking…  Mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, gravy, bread rolls and a big ole turkey are what’s needed to make the whole thanksgiving shindig come together. Whether you’re in a dorm (with limited appliances) or in an apartment near campus – creating a festive feast for yourself and any friends who’re

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