How it works

Register & Receive Your 5 Boxes + Tape
When you register, Dorm Room Movers will send you a Supply Kit containing five signature boxes, useful packing tips, and a roll of packing tape. Your peace of mind is truly our highest priority.

Pack & Schedule Your Pick-up Date

Our signature boxes are 18″ x 18″ x 22″ and hold up to 45 pounds of your items. We inventory, move and store your stuff including boxes and non-boxed items like bikes, futons, mini-fridges, lamps, end tables, etc.

Pro Movers Pick-up & Deliver Back to You

You only pay for the items we move and store! Professional movers will pick up your belongings, store them in a safe, secure, & climate protected facility, and when you’re ready they’ll deliver it back to you.

Whether it’s summer storage, moving home from college, we’ve got you covered!