COVID-19: A Message from Dorm Room Movers

Nation’s Leading College Storage and Moving Company Offers Free Pickup Dates Across the Country to Aid Students During Campus Shut Downs

College campuses are being shut down across the country in light of Coronavirus scares, leaving thousands of students with limited options on how to move and where to store their belongings as many schools plan to close campuses for the remainder of the semester.

Dorm Room Movers, the country’s leading full-service moving, storage and shipping company for college students, is offering free pickup of furniture and personal belongings for any students who are forced to vacate the campus. Items can be stored and then delivered or shipped to another location. Dorm Room Movers has served over 60,000 students at 225 campuses across the country.

“We realize that it’s an extremely stressful time for students, parents and university officials, so we want to do everything we can to be flexible with our policies and offer services to help,” said Leor Lapid, co-founder of Dorm Room Movers. “We have always operated as a true partner to the campuses we serve, both for on-campus and off-campus living and we stand by our commitment to do what is right in this time of crisis.”

So far, universities from California to New York have closed campus classrooms, including New York University, The Ohio State University, Harvard University, Santa Clara University and many others.

Dorm Room Movers will assist students on any campus it serves on designated dates aligning with the Coronavirus shutdowns. Pickup and delivery will be free for students on specified dates for each campus, and storage costs are priced per item picked up for storage. Dorm Room Movers staff is standing by to fulfill pickup and storage requests, which can be made online at, or via phone at (888) 259-2344.

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Dorm Room Movers offers full-service moving, storage and shipping services for college students around the nation both on and off-campus. Since its inception in 2007, the company has served over 60,000 students at more than 225 campuses around the country with reliable storage and shipping solutions.


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