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What to expect during move in day

Move in day is a day that puts you into a roller coaster of emotions, but mostly it’s a combination of nervous-excitement. The best way to describe it is organized chaos. Depending on the campus, ResLife manages the flow of students. By separating students move in times  into unique blocks of time(usually one hour blocks),

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What’s it like to live in the Residence Halls?

If you’re planning to live in the Residence Halls for the first time,  you’ve probably heard/read about the pros and cons of living in the dorms by now.  Feel free to take all that information under consideration, but allow me to give you my perspective on the matter (since I just so happened to have

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What to expect during fall semester 2020 pandemic

When the pandemic hit during spring semester 2020, institutions from across the nation moved swiftly to prioritize  the health and safety of  all faculty, staff, and students on campus. In person sessions were converted to  remote, and then there was the housing situation. Many students living on campus had to do emergency move outs, and

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COVID-19: A Message from Dorm Room Movers

Nation’s Leading College Storage and Moving Company Offers Free Pickup Dates Across the Country to Aid Students During Campus Shut Downs College campuses are being shut down across the country in light of Coronavirus scares, leaving thousands of students with limited options on how to move and where to store their belongings as many schools

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Declutter and organize your dorm room for spring semester

Hopefully, your winter break was a great one. Now that you are back at school, it’s time to get ahead on some spring cleaning. Here are three ways to start: Declutter & organize: We all have our favorite possessions that we cannot live without. For some, it’s books and CD collections. For others, it’s sentimental

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