Declutter and organize your dorm room for spring semester

Hopefully, your winter break was a great one. Now that you are back at school, it’s time to get ahead on some spring cleaning. Here are three ways to start:

Declutter & organize:

We all have our favorite possessions that we cannot live without. For some, it’s books and CD collections. For others, it’s sentimental photos of our friends and family. While it may be hard to choose one over another, one thing is for certain – you can’t keep it all in your dorm.

Focus on condensing your clutter by making a list and sorting your things into piles (i.e., things you plan to keep at school, things you can store/ship, and things you may no longer need). Once you’ve done this, you will be able to arrange your things in an organized and logical fashion.

Conserve & Create Space:

  • Sort those shelves: Most dorms come furnished with a couple of cabinets and shelves for you to put your things in.
  • Stack it up: Don’t forget to go vertical to save space. Stack your lightweight shelves on top of each other and against a wall to open up even more elbowroom.
  • Board under your bed: Under your bed is the perfect place to store your plastic tubs. These are great for surplus items like notebooks, textbooks, and writing utensils. Pro-tip: prop up your bed posts with concrete blocks or bed risers to create even more room for temporary storage.

Prepping for move out:

  • Start cleaning now: While it may seem a bit early to think of moving out, we all know that time sneaks up all too quickly. So, don’t procrastinate and start cleaning a little each day. You will thank yourself when finals week comes and you’ve saved yourself the unnecessary stress of having to clean and have more time for sleep!
  • Store and/or ship your stuff: These days, paying for luggage at the airport will cost you a pretty penny. Planning in advance to ship things that you’ll need and store things that you won’t will be good to your wallet, and your back too.

Good luck guys! Now, get to work, and whatever you do – just don’t forget to have fun!

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