Super bowl 2019 in the dorms

There you have it, football fans! The New England Patriots (no surprise there) and Los Angeles Rams are heading to Super Bowl 2019, and each respective fan base has plenty to be excited about. Before moving into the residence halls, you watched the Super Bowl (either at home or at a friend’s house) to revel in the excitement and lore of Sunday night’s biggest championship game. While hometown festivities may not be in the cards for your near future, you can definitely bring those experiences with you to the dorm you’re living in now.

The beauty about residence halls is that there’s always something going on: from meeting colorful characters to awesome Resident Assistants planning great social programs – the Super Bowl is no exception. If you want to have a watch party in the residence halls, there are three simple ways to get ahead of it.

Talk to your Resident Assistant

If you haven’t already, speak with your Resident Assistant. Their job is to plan social and educational events, and this applies not only to their wing but to the entire building as well. Anticipate it will happen – speak with them and ask if there someway you can help with the planning!

Be a go-getter

Sometimes you just need to be a go-getter and rally your hall mates! Residence halls have common areas with large television sets, so it’s easy to watch the game in those areas if you bring a large crowd. Who knows, you might run into other wings that are planning the same thing and become fast friends!

Then again, you do have a hall mate that has an immensely large television and is willing to open up the room to have a watch party. Decisions, decisions. Though this may sound incredibly nice, logistically, it could be challenging with limited space. Whatever you decide will be the right decisions because bonding is bonding.

Lastly, be sure to talk to your RA about a collaboration effort. Nothing warms an RA’s heart more than seeing their students take initiative! They will support you every step of the way! Who knows, it could lead to a larger opportunity like a building-wide party!

Other Residence Halls

If you have friends in other dorm that have invited you to the same party, then what a beautiful dilemma you have found yourself in. You don’t have to choose between the two- you can go for the gold and do both! Don’t hesitate to experience other dorm cultures, because each one is different than the last. Another advantage is you will have an opportunity to meet new people! Who knows, they could be a potential romantic partner or a networking collaborator.

It’s an endless field of choices out there. So, whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to have fun doing it! The wonderful thing about residence halls that you are surrounded by opportunities for adventure. Now, it’s just up to you to take the reigns. Enjoy Super Bowl 2019!

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