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Make Sleep a Priority in Your College Life

Let’s face it- once you’re in college, sleep becomes non-existent. It’s almost like a distant memory, and this is especially true during midterms and finals week. It is super important to incorporate sleep into your schedule in order to keep you sharp. We know that some of you might fall into such a deep slumber

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COVID-19: A Message from Dorm Room Movers

Nation’s Leading College Storage and Moving Company Offers Free Pickup Dates Across the Country to Aid Students During Campus Shut Downs College campuses are being shut down across the country in light of Coronavirus scares, leaving thousands of students with limited options on how to move and where to store their belongings as many schools

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The case for staying in the dorms sophomore year

Congratulations! You survived your first year of college! After summer break, you have your sights on sophomore year, specifically your living situation whether to head back to the dorms or get an apartment. Here’s the case as to why you should think about living in the residence halls your sophomore year. CONVENIENCE FACTOR Freshman and

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