The case for staying in the dorms sophomore year

Congratulations! You survived your first year of college! After summer break, you have your sights on sophomore year, specifically your living situation whether to head back to the dorms or get an apartment. Here’s the case as to why you should think about living in the residence halls your sophomore year.


Freshman and sophomore year is where your class load will the heaviest and we understand each student will have different class schedules but for the sake of the blog, let’s just use a general statement.

Taking all those classes in a semester can be quite busy, so living on-campus where your classes are just a walk away is highly convenient. You have opportunities to drop of certain books to your room instead of carrying all of them if you were living off-campus, or take quick nap in-between classes, and most importantly, do not have to find parking.


It’s immensely easy to socialize and meet people in the dorm since it’s kind of the atmosphere it brings, whereas in the apartment complex, everyone keeps to themselves.

Residence Halls stress the importance of community by having planned educational and social programs, which can only benefit you, You’d be surprised the things you can learn just by talking to people and the fresh perspective it provides just by attending these programs.

Establishing a good base of friends early on manages your baseline throughout your time in college; to have someone to talk to during those crazy finals week or someone to hang out with.

The beauty of college is the exciting energy, especially in the residence halls, and that’s where you need to be. You want to be surrounded by people with that same type of energy. It keeps you motivated and fresh. Ignore all the negative commentary about living the residence halls as a sophomore because the experience is yours at the end of the day.

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