Surviving summer school

We get it…taking courses over summer break is not an ideal situation, whereas you could be on a beach somewhere. Surviving summer school is just not having the will to get to class but the mental space to think of the long-term game.

The largest factor why taking summer courses is beneficial is simply check off the general courses taken during freshmen and sophomore years. Time and money is spent to be a university only to take general courses? No. You want to move ahead and start taking courses required for your major.

Once you’ve established that expectation, surviving summer school becomes easy, and you’ll have plenty of summers to travel. Say no and explain to your friends why you can’t travel or mute posts from travel influencers on social media,

When you get back to campus during fall semester, you will have the headspace and time to focus on things related to your major. But will this make you graduate early? Depends if you take large portions of your major courses during summer, then yes. We’re focusing on general courses you have to take in order to get to the major courses.

Always consult your advisor to see what course of action is best for you. Summer classes or not, make it the best summer it can be!

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