Dorm Hygiene

It’s always important to practice good hygiene. This sentiment rings twice as true for those living in campus housing. Most dormitories house a large number of students in a very close-quarters environment. When that many people are in such near proximity to each other, viral and bacterial infections are likely to spread like wildfire.

Now that the coronavirus has migrated to approximately 100 countries, everyone is on high alert. For some colleges, classes have been cancelled. 

The consensus seems to be that the way to avoid the coronavirus is to take the same precautions one would take when trying to avoid the flu – keep things clean and sanitary and we cannot stress this enough, wash your hands! 

We don’t want you to panic – we just want you to be prepared and stay healthy. This goes for all sicknesses and dorm hygiene in general, so here’s our advice to you on how to stay sanitary in the dorms this spring.

Practice personal hygiene:

It’s imperative that you shower regularly and even more frequently when there are sicknesses flying around campus. It is very common for dorms to have shared bathrooms. Depending on your specific housing situation, you may have to share a bathroom with an entire floor, or you might only have to share your bathroom with one or two roommates. 

Either way, you must take extra precautions to protect yourself from germs. You cannot control the actions of your peers – but you can most certainly be in complete control of your actions. Do not share any personal hygiene products with any of your roommates or friends. Wear shoes in the bathroom and especially in the communal shower.

Get plenty of sleep:

Make sure to rest. We know it might be hard to do with your academic course load, but it’s crucial that you try to get as much sleep as you can. The more sleep you get, the greater ability your body has to fight off infections. 

Get yourself checked out:

If you suspect you are contagious, please go to the doctor. If you are unable to leave campus, check with your R.A to see if there is a health center available at your school. Usually, there will be some sort of Infirmary with nurses available. Don’t forget, it’s possible to be contagious even before you are showing symptoms. 

We wish you all a safe and healthy spring!

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