Spring Fashion On Campus

Projected Fashion Trends for Spring 2020

Have Fun With Floral:

Because, what screams springtime more than flowers, right? Floral prints were a big deal in 2019, and it looks like they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In 2020 Spring Fashion, the new spin we will see on floral prints will be bold – no more taking it safe with soft pastels and neutral prints. There is a specific type of print that is bringing a whole new meaning to Flower Power, and it’s being referred to in the fashion world as “psychedelic floral.” Think striking, vibrant colors and trippy 60’s and 70’s inspired prints. 

Play with Pinstripes:

Pinstripes are going to be everywhere this spring. This pattern will forever be a classic staple for business attire – suits, blazers and jackets alike – but It’s high time for pinstripes to come out to play with casual cuts. We’re talking about pinstripe dresses, skirts, sweaters, you name in and we want to see it covered in pinstripes.

80’s fashion vibes:

While we aren’t sure why 80’s fashion is back in season, we’re also not mad about it either. Most of our readers are too young to have the pleasure of remembering this decade of flamboyance and flair. It was a time where fashion really began to evolve – 80’s style certainly took some risks in leaps and bounds, and it’s back in a big way. From the ever-bright highlighter themed color schemes to the big poofy bows – this spring, it’s time to get retro.

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