Getting to know the DReam Team

This week, we’re going to tell you all about how we operate. Specifically, we’re going to discuss how we can help you this summer.

Ahh, summer. So close, yet so far away. Have you started a mental to-do list for all the tasks you need to accomplish before schools out for the summer? If you’ve already started visualizing and preparing, then you’re one step ahead of most! If you haven’t started yet, don’t worry – there is plenty of time and we are here to help with the most stressful part of it – moving out!

Need Storage?

Leave the heavy lifting to us – literally and figuratively. Not only do we move all your stuff for you – we come right to your door to do it, for both pick up and delivery! We send you boxes and tape so you can pack, and your stuff is kept safe all summer long in one of our climate protected warehouses. We even provide insurance coverage up to $100 per box or unboxed item. 

Need Shipping?

Have some stuff you’d like to send home for the summer? No problem! We can easily ship your items for you as long as they are in boxes. You can use our signature DRM boxes or your own, and shipping labels can be created and printed easily from your online service account. 

You have enough stress on your hands with final exams and travel plans. Let us take the tough task of moving and storing off of your plate.

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