Consent on campus this valentines day

It’s so important for you to make sure your partner is consenting / agreeing to engage in sexual activity with you. The rule of consent applies to everyone, regardless of gender or age – but it is especially prevalent on most college campuses. 

No Consent: 

No means NO consent! So does the word “stop,” and the phrase “I changed my mind.” Remember, you’re always allowed to revoke your consent at any time – even if you’re in the middle of being intimate.

It’s highly important to note that just because someone does not say “no” when you ask for consent does not mean that they have actually said “yes” to anything. Some people clam up when they feel under attack, and this is where lack of consent can be misconstrued as consent. Pay attention to your partner’s body language. If it is defensive, or if they turn away or seem visibly uncomfortable, that’s a clear indicator to back off.

Sure, rejection hurts – sometimes very deeply. However much it may hurt you, it’s crucial that you respect others boundaries.

Non – Verbal Consent:

Occasionally, you may find yourself in a situation where consent is a bit of a gray area. This usually happens with non-verbal consent, as some people reply to verbal questions with physical body language or hand gestures. 

For example, when you ask someone for consent, they may reply with a head nod or thumbs up instead of a verbal “yes.” This is usually a pretty clear indicator that they have given you the green light, but if you are ever in doubt, remember to talk it out. 

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