Valentines Day for the college student – date ideas that won’t break the bank

Ah, Valentines Day. So much chocolate, so many flowers, and so much…financial pressure? 

Sure, we all want to shower our significant others with gifts on February 14th, but being a college student usually comes with monetary restrictions. It might be a challenge to celebrate this holiday on an undergrads budget, but it is possible – we promise! You just have to get creative. Here are a few date ideas that are high in the romance department, but low impact on your wallet.

Movie Night:

While it might be hard to believe, back in the day, going to a movie in theaters wasn’t quite so pricey. Today, if you want the full package experience it is going to cost you a pretty penny. Sure, the theater may have fancy features and tasty treats, but these are things you can easily replicate for a much more reasonable fee. Our suggestion? Go to the nearest pharmacy or convenience store. They tend to have solid deals on candy that is usually found at the movie theater, like Milk Duds and Sno-Caps. You can also stock up on a box of buttery, movie theater style popcorn while you’re at it. All you need is a microwave and a Netflix account, and you’re golden. Who knows – maybe your campus even has a place to rent and/or watch DVD’s? However you choose to view your film, one thing’s for certain – you can queue the cuddles. 

Picnic in the Park (Or Quad):

If you’re in a warm enough climate, this one is a home run. All you need is a blanket, a basket and some sweet sustenance. You probably won’t need to leave campus for this one. You should be able to find food in your dining hall(s). Some colleges even have small stores with snacks, beverages and other essentials. For the setting, you can find a secluded, quiet area in the quad. If you have a park on campus, now would be the perfect time to explore it with your partner. For all those in a colder environment – you can always bring the picnic indoors. 

Cozy Concert:

Everyone loves music. Maybe your sweetheart goes gaga over a certain band, or perhaps you both enjoy a particular genre. Well, we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to leave your dorm room to enjoy a concert experience. All you need is a good sound system and access to music. You’d be surprised how many cheap bluetooth speakers are out there, and if you’re not able to find one online, one of your friends at school is bound to have some they can lend you. Whether you use Apple Music, Spotify, or Youtube, once the music starts you’re bound to have a magical night with your sweetheart.

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