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When to Use Dorm Room Movers

The convenience that Dorm Room Movers’ provides both students and parents is unquestionably an invaluable factor. However, there are some slight misconceptions about the service that we’d like to clear up. With fall semester approaching, now seems like the best time to provide some clarification. Although the name may suggest otherwise, Dorm Room Movers primarily

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What to expect during move out day with DRM

This one goes out to all of the students who are planning to use Dorm Room Movers to move out this Summer. We wanted to give you some insight into what a typical move out day with DRM looks like so that you know what to expect and how to properly prepare for your pick

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The Logistics of Dorm Room Movers

The world of logistics is truly fascinating and entails intricately detailed coordination of complex operations involving many people, facilities, or supplies. In this week’s blog, we’ll take a small glimpse into how Dorm Room Movers’ logistics operates.  TL:DR version: Dorm Room Movers coordinates logistics between the university, moving partners, and students. There are three different

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Upcoming Holiday Season will be different than most

2020 has felt like one moment stretched into infinity due to COVID-19 but we’ve finally made it to October, which also marks the beginning of the holiday season. However, due to the pandemic, the academic calendar looks mighty different than previous school years, so it is our hope Dorm Room Movers can be of service

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Spring Semester 2021 Schedules

Wait…didn’t the fall semester just start? Yes, that is correct. Nevertheless, some colleges have already started  slowly releasing their spring semester 2021 calendar and it mostly remains the same as fall semester. Obviously, the schedule is subject to change depending on where COVID-19 cases are standing at that time, but this should give you credence

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Storage and shipping solutions for a pandemic ridden semester

Spring semester 2020 taught us great lessons. When COVID-19 hit, campuses across the nation reacted and adapted quickly to ensure the safety of every student, faculty, and staff member. Classes went online, and students were encouraged to return home after spring break. The students left on campus were on high alert trying to keep pace

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Getting to know the DReam Team

This week, we’re going to tell you all about how we operate. Specifically, we’re going to discuss how we can help you this summer. Ahh, summer. So close, yet so far away. Have you started a mental to-do list for all the tasks you need to accomplish before schools out for the summer? If you’ve

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