When to Use Dorm Room Movers

The convenience that Dorm Room Movers’ provides both students and parents is unquestionably an invaluable factor. However, there are some slight misconceptions about the service that we’d like to clear up. With fall semester approaching, now seems like the best time to provide some clarification.

Although the name may suggest otherwise, Dorm Room Movers primarily focuses on summer storage and shipping, not on moving. To better understand, let’s rewind a bit to discuss how DRM works.

When students register with Dorm Room Movers, they will receive DRM’s complimentary signature packing supply kit. This kit  contains 5 boxes and packing tape.

Students can schedule a pick up date to have DRM’s professional movers come collect their boxes. These boxes can either be stored in our secured, climate controlled storage facilities or shipped directly to desired locations. 

For students who had their boxes stored, DRM can ship those boxes back to your campus – so you can imagine how immensely useful this is for any international or out-of-state students. 

Because we can ship students  boxes back to them in the fall, it gives off the impression that we are a moving service. Unfortunately, that is not the case. 

Something else we want to clear up – in addition to storing boxes, we can also store students larger, non-boxed items as well! However, it’s important to note that large items such as these cannot be shipped. This is because everything must be packed into a box in order to be shipped with our service.

Dorm Room Movers operates during spring semester, so if you need assistance then, we’ll be happy to be of service.

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