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What happens to your belongings in storage?

You’ve signed up, scheduled your belongings to be picked up, then put into storage until you come back to campus next fall, but what happens to your stuff the time you’re away?  Your belongings will be put into our nearest climate – controlled and secured storage facilities. Your box will be inventoried and put into

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Preparing for Move Outs! Dorm Room Movers Can Help!

We know many of you are knee-deep in your notes and books studying for finals, but move outs are coming and the last thing you want is to put yourself in a position of overloaded stress. Here’s where Dorm Room Movers can help!  Dorm Room Movers’ services are pretty simple: You register, get boxes and

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What are Dorm Room Movers’ Free Dates?

Did you know that Dorm Room Movers has a signature feature called “Free Dates?” Well, now you do! These are specially selected dates on the calendar where our moving team will come  pick up your belongings and bring them to storage (free of charge!). These free dates are coordinated by our logistics team and Residence

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Gearing up for move out season

It’s that time of year again where summer feels so close, yet so far away. While you’re off at school, DRM has been busy gearing up for end of the semester move outs. Sure, it is only February – but soon, school will be out for the summer! Before the end of the semester sneaks

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Packing Tips for Moving Into the Dorm This Fall Semester

Congratulations! You’ll be moving into the residence halls this fall semester.  Despite your school’s recommendations and packing lists, your mind is likely still running in circles on what to actually bring. Here are a few life experiences / tips that could possibly help you. Each school has a different approach to move in day, so

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Details about Dorm Room Movers’ Delivery Season

There are two major seasons at Dorm Room Movers – pick up and delivery. Pick up season occurs at the end of every spring semester, while delivery season takes place just before fall semester begins. In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at DRM’s delivery season.  When students register with Dorm Room Movers,

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When to Use Dorm Room Movers

The convenience that Dorm Room Movers’ provides both students and parents is unquestionably an invaluable factor. However, there are some slight misconceptions about the service that we’d like to clear up. With fall semester approaching, now seems like the best time to provide some clarification. Although the name may suggest otherwise, Dorm Room Movers primarily

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The Anatomy of Dorm Room Movers’ Supply Kit

Need to move? That also means you will need to pack. Having enough large boxes at your disposal is one of the key components required to ensure your success in your packing and moving endeavor. Usually, this presents you with the inconvenient task of finding those boxes yourself. Luckily, Dorm Room Movers is not the usual

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