What does Dorm Room Movers do over summer vacation?

Dorm Room Movers certainly does not take a break over summer, but we sure hope you are! When DRM are done picking up all the boxes, we then begin prepping operations for deliveries for fall semester. It takes tremendous coordination between DRM and our wonderful moving partners. We do all of this, so you don’t have to worry about your boxes and can enjoy your break. 

When fall semester begins, your boxes will be waiting for you at your new dorm room. Our international students love this service simply because they don’t have to rent out a full storage unit for a few items, throw out/give away items, or lug it all the way back home across seas. 

You simply register online, then we’ll send you a supply kit containing 5 boxes and tape, you pack, schedule a time & date for our movers to come pick up your box, then DRM will either store or ship your boxes, then ship it back to you in the fall. It’s incredibly easy. 

Dorm Room Movers does massive things behind the scenes throughout the year to make your life simple because we’ve lived on campus once before, and we never want anyone to feel the immense stress of move outs.

Enjoy your summer break!