Dorm Room Movers Featured Dates vs. On-Demand Dates

As the end-of-semester move-outs draw nearer each day, it’s crucial to plan ahead, especially if you’re considering Dorm Room Movers for your move. We offer two types of pick-up dates: “Featured Dates” and “On-Demand Dates.”

“Featured Dates” are carefully selected by Dorm Room Movers to provide the most optimal pick-up options for students, and they come at no additional cost. Our logistics team works tirelessly to coordinate with Residence Life and movers to ensure these dates align seamlessly with your school’s move-out schedule.

For those whose schedules don’t align with our Featured Dates, we offer “On-Demand Dates.” These dates come with an additional cost due to the extra coordination required. Pricing varies depending on the chosen date, so please consult with a Dorm Room Movers associate for availability and pricing details. Keep in mind that On-Demand Dates require approval, so it’s best to select your date sooner rather than later.

As you dive into studying for finals, we wish you the best of luck! And if you need any assistance with your summer storage, don’t hesitate to reach out. Stay healthy and safe, everyone!