The Anatomy of Dorm Room Movers’ Supply Kit

Need to move? That also means you will need to pack. Having enough large boxes at your disposal is one of the key components required to ensure your success in your packing and moving endeavor. Usually, this presents you with the inconvenient task of finding those boxes yourself. Luckily, Dorm Room Movers is not the usual company. In fact, we eliminate the need for this annoyance of a process entirely by sending you our custom packing “Supply Kit.” This convenient kit contains 5 signature DRM boxes and packing tape. 

DRM’s signature boxes measure 18” x 18” x 22” each, so they’re able to fit a variety of objects inside them – from small to large items..

The best part? Our Supply Kit is offered complimentarily (for free) when you register for one of our services.

DRM’s supply kit comes with a wonderfully convenient handle for easy carrying. 

Our signature boxes are large enough to fit most of your belongings.

A supply kit gets delivered to you when you register with Dorm Room Movers. All you have to do is pack your stuff using our boxes and tape found inside the kit, and our movers will handle the rest. Our movers will pick up your boxes and based on your service needs, they will either  have them shipped out to you or they will have them stored in one of our securely monitored, climate protected storage facilities. 

Dorm Room Movers works for your convenience because we’ve been there before. We know just how difficult moving can be, and all we really want is to make your transition easier.

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