Upcoming Holiday Season will be different than most

2020 has felt like one moment stretched into infinity due to COVID-19 but we’ve finally made it to October, which also marks the beginning of the holiday season. However, due to the pandemic, the academic calendar looks mighty different than previous school years, so it is our hope Dorm Room Movers can be of service at the end of the semester.

Due to the shortened academic calendar, some schools have opted out of fall break to squeeze in more school hours, technically leaving Thanksgiving the only break for fall semester. However, because of COVID-19, students living on campus are required to move out after Thanksgiving break, leaving them to think about what to do with their belongings, so this is where Dorm Room Movers steps in to help.

Working with Dorm Room Movers is straightforward. Simply register on the Dorm Room Movers’ website, then boxes and tape will be sent to you, then schedule a time & date for us to pick your boxes, and either choose to store or ship your boxes. If you choose to store with us, your boxes will be in our climate controlled and secured storage facilities, then we can ship it out to you when you’re ready.

Our piece of advice? Plan ahead to ensure you get the pick update dates and times you want, because those spots will fill up extremely fast. The pandemic hit campuses, students, and Dorm Room Movers pretty hard during spring semester 2020, but cooler heads prevailed and were able to move out students safely, and we’ve learned a ton since then. Good luck, and stay healthy and safe!

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