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photography of fall trees

Upcoming Holiday Season will be different than most

2020 has felt like one moment stretched into infinity due to COVID-19 but we’ve finally made it to October, which also marks the beginning of the holiday season. However, due to the pandemic, the academic calendar looks mighty different than previous school years, so it is our hope Dorm Room Movers can be of service

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Fun Fall Activities Checklist

While being snuggled up in the warmth of your home during fall is comfortable and ideal, there are many activities to partake in under the beautiful foliage and crisp weather. Check out these fun fall activities: Apple picking Get lost in a corn maze Soar into the sky in a hot-air balloon ride Flag football

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10 Detailed Pumpkin Carvings That Redefine The Carving Experience

There are truly gifted people out there and when they take their talents to pumpkin carving, they don’t hold back at all. Enjoy these 10 detailed pumpkin carvings. 1. Predator The unreleased sequel. Source: Villafane Studios 2. Spider-Man Your friendly neighborhood pumpkin. Source: Reddit 3. Mario Princess Peach makes everyone glow. Source:¬†punkbouncer.deviantart.com 4. Star Wars

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