How Dorm Room Movers operates during the pandemic

Spring semester 2020 hit everyone hard – campus scrambled to move classes online, students that were away during spring break were discourage to return to campus, students that were on living campus were mad dashing to move out, and Dorm Room Movers had to move their normal operational timeline earlier in the calendar to accommodate emergency move outs, but Dorm Room Movers learned a great deal since then and are in a better position to operate efficiently. This week’s blog will break down how Dorm Room Movers operates in this pandemic.

First, let’s explain how the service works. When a student registers with Dorm Room Movers online, they will receive a supply kit containing 5 boxes and tape. Students can use their own boxes, but we offer boxes for convenience. Students then pack their belongings and schedule a time and date for Dorm Room Movers to pick up their boxes. Depending on the student’s needs, Dorm Room Movers can either ship or store the boxes in our climate protected and secured storage facilities. If a student is returning in the fall, Dorm Room Movers can ship their boxes back to them to their new residence.

When our movers come to pick up the boxes, the primary contact must be present to sign off the boxes. However, due to COVID-19, Dorm Room Movers made a key change to this step in the process by doing virtual sign-offs via Zoom. The primary contact will receive a link that will directly connect them to the movers. The movers will then verify the boxes with you to sign off for it. It’s great use of technology that helps mitigate the transmission of COVID-19.

Spring semester 2020 taught Dorm Room Movers plenty of great things to help us operate in a safe and efficient manner on campus grounds. As this extremely short semester comes to a close after Thanksgiving, we are more than prepared to help students move out. Stay healthy and safe out there!

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