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Spring break 2021 cancellations

Schools have been announcing cancellations for spring break 2021 due to COVID-19, so please check with your respective colleges for updates. What’s to replace spring break? It varies by school but from what we’ve seen, campuses split one half of the week to allow more class time and the other half with “reading days.” Schools

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Fall Semester 2020 Has Begun

The greatest test of our might and will is the start of a new school year…with a pandemic attached to it. We’ve written enough blogs about what to expect and have provided a plethora of tips to help you navigate this extremely weird time. So,this week we’ll stick to what the internet does best –

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What residence halls are doing for fall semester 2020

Last week, we discussed the health and safety measures that campuses across the nation are implementing for fall semester 2020 during the pandemic. These policies are vast and highly detailed, but they are great first steps needed to both ensure high quality academic education and maintain good health safety protocols. This week, we’ll look into

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How COVID-19 is shaping up Fall Semester 2020

Last week, we talked about expectations for fall semester 2020, but it was mostly speculation. Now, we have more insight into how schools will resume classes for the new school year. We’ll just talk in broad terms and not specifically mention school names or speak on their behalf. We know that information changes constantly, so

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Online classes are not a brand new form of education, but it is an option that up until recently, was much less prevalent than in person classes. Due to this unprecedented pandemic, schools across the nation are scrambling to take their classes online. It’s like building a car on the road, as teachers and students

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COVID-19: A Message from Dorm Room Movers

Nation’s Leading College Storage and Moving Company Offers Free Pickup Dates Across the Country to Aid Students During Campus Shut Downs College campuses are being shut down across the country in light of Coronavirus scares, leaving thousands of students with limited options on how to move and where to store their belongings as many schools

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Dorm Hygiene

It’s always important to practice good hygiene. This sentiment rings twice as true for those living in campus housing. Most dormitories house a large number of students in a very close-quarters environment. When that many people are in such near proximity to each other, viral and bacterial infections are likely to spread like wildfire. Now

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