Two months in quarantine

It’s now two months into my self isolation, and it’s been quite an eye-opening experience- especially for a massive social butterfly. Here a few things I’ve learned about myself during this two month lockdown period.


Most evenings, I would have dinner with a friend or do take out. However, now with quarantine, I’m finding myself in a chef’s hat experimenting with new recipes that I wouldn’t have dreamed of trying before. Now that I’ve deepened my culinary experience,  I just need to find someone to share all this homemade food with.


I cut my “fun” budget completely and saw over time how much I was saving by not going out as much. All the extra money that I do have is now going towards my student loans.


There’s no denying I’m an extreme social butterfly. I just love meeting and talking to new people. Since I’ve been in quarantine, all forms of social interaction are done via FaceTime. While I’m grateful for this communication, it does lack the personal feeling of being in the presence of that other person, and being able to read all of those non-verbal cues that one simply just can’t experience or fully interpret through FaceTime.

While I do have a deeper appreciation when it comes to self reflection and spending time with yourself, this butterfly can only stay grounded for so long.

Although I do long for social interaction, I understand the importance of staying home. I’m thankful to at least have the opportunity to FaceTime with people. Let’s beat this virus!

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