Online classes are not a brand new form of education, but it is an option that up until recently, was much less prevalent than in person classes. Due to this unprecedented pandemic, schools across the nation are scrambling to take their classes online. It’s like building a car on the road, as teachers and students alike are learning to streamline classroom productivity on the fly. Here are a few tips to help you adjust to your new remote classroom.

Do not underestimate online courses

Learning from the comfort of your home sounds ideal, but do not let the veil of working from home fool you. It takes a massive amount of self-discipline to stay on course (no pun intended). Do not fall prey to the temptations of sleeping in, skipping an online lecture or scrolling through social media. Treat this virtual experience  as much like  a physical lecture hall as you can. Do not break your regular routine. The only major difference here is the commute, which now consists of a long journey from your bed to your desk at home.

Be constructive, not destructive

Campuses are learning to improve the process every day, so hiccups are to be expected. It helps to have an open mind and provide constructive feedback to smooth out the experience. Remember, we’re all in this together. 

Learning space

As I previously stated, you’re learning from home instead of  in a classroom. It helps to create a dedicated learning space for yourself in your home. It is up to you where you want that to be – it could be at the desk in your bedroom, on the couch in your living room, or even in your backyard. Point being, you’ll need to create an environment that will put you into the mindset of a lecture hall and be conducive to learning efficiently

Until this pandemic subsides, this is our new normal. Stay healthy and safe! 

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