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Something light and Fun

Throughout the past several blogs, we’ve broken down what campus life will look like amidst this ongoing pandemic – so we’ll do something light and fun for this blog to ease the stressful situation we’re already in. For those that have begun classes this past week or sometime in the month of August, this is

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How COVID-19 is shaping up Fall Semester 2020

Last week, we talked about expectations for fall semester 2020, but it was mostly speculation. Now, we have more insight into how schools will resume classes for the new school year. We’ll just talk in broad terms and not specifically mention school names or speak on their behalf. We know that information changes constantly, so

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Online classes are not a brand new form of education, but it is an option that up until recently, was much less prevalent than in person classes. Due to this unprecedented pandemic, schools across the nation are scrambling to take their classes online. It’s like building a car on the road, as teachers and students

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