Spring break 2021 cancellations

Schools have been announcing cancellations for spring break 2021 due to COVID-19, so please check with your respective colleges for updates. What’s to replace spring break? It varies by school but from what we’ve seen, campuses split one half of the week to allow more class time and the other half with “reading days.”

Schools that have yet to make an official announcement, assume and go with the current approved spring semester 2021 academic calendar. We’ve seen academic calendars that still have spring break listed, while others have revised their academic calendars to omit spring break. 

If you choose to travel, expect to follow strict health safety protocols coming back such as a 14-day quarantine. We saw something similar during spring semester 2020 when Coronavirus first hit campuses.

Operationally, we’ll be ready to go and help out with any students with their belongings. We’ve built wonderful systems in place to ensure the health and safety for our movers, students, and Residence Life staff. We’ll keep you updated as things develop. Stay healthy and safe out there!

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