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Spring break 2021 cancellations

Schools have been announcing cancellations for spring break 2021 due to COVID-19, so please check with your respective colleges for updates. What’s to replace spring break? It varies by school but from what we’ve seen, campuses split one half of the week to allow more class time and the other half with “reading days.” Schools

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Storage and shipping solutions for a pandemic ridden semester

Spring semester 2020 taught us great lessons. When COVID-19 hit, campuses across the nation reacted and adapted quickly to ensure the safety of every student, faculty, and staff member. Classes went online, and students were encouraged to return home after spring break. The students left on campus were on high alert trying to keep pace

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What to Bring to my Dorm Room This Fall Semester?

Prior to COVID-19, there were standard expectations on what to bring to your new dorm room, but everything’s changed with the pandemic still going on. Residence Life is reducing the density of students in residence halls by converting quads and triples into doubles and turning doubles into singles. If you plan on living in the

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Earning money while in college

In college, I heavily contemplated getting a part-time job but was unsure if I would be able to balance my course load and work hours. For those who can and are currently doing this, major props to you – it is not an easy feat! These days, there are some pretty lucrative opportunities to make

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How was your winter break?

Now that you’re back, how does it feel? We know that It’s difficult to snap right back into school after any type of break. Moreover, it seems like this particular academic vacation is doubly hard on the students. The reason for this being that even though you’re technically “on break” there isn’t much time for

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How Dorm Room Movers can help students start their summer off right

Can you believe it’s already May?! Soon, school will be out for the summer! Before the end of the semester sneaks up on you, we challenge you to sneak up on it. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! So much stuff, so little time. With finals around the corner, your time is more precious than

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6 tips you haven’t heard to rock your finals

You’ve heard all the standard ramblings on how to do better on tests like get plenty of rest and eat a healthy meal. But now we’ve compiled science based and tested tips that you can implement today. Let’s start with studying: Multitasking doesn’t exist. Most people are under the illusion they can multitask. The science

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Spring semester in the residence halls

So, it’s spring semester and you’re ready to venture out of your room or at least put more in more of an effort to be more social in your residence hall. Great! It’s never too late to join the party. Residence halls are more than just living spaces, they are a wonderful community that you

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