Dorm Room Movers vs Self Storage

In a sea full of summer storage options, Dorm Room Movers does things others wish they could.

Here’s how we stack up against self storage.

If you know you need to move out of the dorms for the summer, why not make it stress-free? We are able to store boxed and unboxed items at a convenient per item, per month price. We store lamps, night stands, mini fridge, bikes, and futons to name a few!

As soon as you register for summer storage, Dorm Room Movers will send you a move out kit which includes 5 heavy duty moving boxes and a roll of packing tape. Then all you need to do is schedule a time and day for professional movers to pick up your items and move them to storage, so you can fully enjoy your summer knowing your stuff is stored securely! 

When it’s time to head back to campus, we will deliver all of your belongings back to you on the date of your choice. Save your family thousands of dollars in flights, hotels, rental cars, and Uhauls by making your summer storage simply by using Dorm Room Movers. Go ahead and register today.