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students walking in the hallway

What’s it like to live in the Residence Halls?

If you’re planning to live in the Residence Halls for the first time,  you’ve probably heard/read about the pros and cons of living in the dorms by now.  Feel free to take all that information under consideration, but allow me to give you my perspective on the matter (since I just so happened to have

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Dorm Room Movers Brand Ambassadors

We are thrilled to announce that Dorm Room Movers’ Brand Ambassadors are now back on college campuses nationwide! As a disclaimer, all Brand Ambassadors will follow strict health guidelines, and adhere to both university and company protocols. You will find them promoting our services to students living on campus at these schools: University of Maryland

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Spring semester in the residence halls

So, it’s spring semester and you’re ready to venture out of your room or at least put more in more of an effort to be more social in your residence hall. Great! It’s never too late to join the party. Residence halls are more than just living spaces, they are a wonderful community that you

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