Move in guide for fall semester 2023

August is right around the corner and that means move in day is will be upon us! Here’s what to expect! 

Resident Assistants, Community Directors, parents and students alike will all be running around in a fashion that can only be described as organized chaos. Each campus has a different system, so we highly recommend students and parents to please refer to their school’s specific instructions. However, you should receive basic instructions from ResLife with details on when to arrive, where to park, check in, and begin unloading and moving your belongings into your new room.

The first thing on your agenda should be to check in. Upon check in, you will  obtain your key and will most likely get escorted to your room to prevent you from getting lost. Your roommate may already be there when you check in, or perhaps they will be arriving soon after you. Whether they happen to be  there or not, the next step on your itinerary is for you to try and get your stuff moved in as quickly as possible. 

Picking a side of the room will depend on your communication efforts with your roommate. If you have arrived early and want to be extra polite, you can choose to wait for your roommate before deciding on sides, or you can expedite things by giving them a quick call or FaceTime to see if they happen to have a preference. My freshman and sophomore year, I waited for my roommate to decide, since looking at photos and being inside the room were two completely different experiences for me. 

Once settled in, most students will go out to have lunch or dinner with their family before the final send off takes place. Because everything is so new, it may all feel  a bit overwhelming. If you feel this way, just remember the important fact that you’ll be in good hands with ResLife. Try not to be too shy – or at the very least, don’t let your fear of the unknown prevent you from  meeting your hall mates and everyone else living in the dorm. After all, you’re all in this together now.