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What to expect during move in day

Move in day is a day that puts you into a roller coaster of emotions, but mostly it’s a combination of nervous-excitement. The best way to describe it is organized chaos. Depending on the campus, ResLife manages the flow of students. By separating students move in times  into unique blocks of time(usually one hour blocks),

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What to Expect During Move In Day

Move in day is coming! Here’s what to expect on this monumental day.  Resident Assistants, Community Directors, parents and students alike will all be running around in a fashion that can only be described as organized chaos. Each school has a different system, so we highly recommend students to please refer to their schools specific

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Survival Suggestions for First College Move In Day for Parents

That time is finally approaching. Your child is moving out of the house for the first time to attend college. Here are a few suggestions to ensure an extremely successful move in day. Early preparation will be key to a smooth transition. There are many things to figure out before you get to school that

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