Survival Suggestions for First College Move In Day for Parents

That time is finally approaching. Your child is moving out of the house for the first time to attend college. Here are a few suggestions to ensure an extremely successful move in day.

Early preparation will be key to a smooth transition. There are many things to figure out before you get to school that will ease the stressful logistics associated with administrative setups.

  • What is the parking situation? Is curb side unloading available?
  • Research what is and what is not allowed in the dorm room. Limitations as to what can be hung on walls may exist, plus no room for that deluxe microwave dishwasher combo that you bought. Is appliance rental available?
  • Check posted schedules. Some locations make move in day into a big event with assorted events like welcome rallies. Plan your unpacking around these events to maximized the experience.
  • Time your move in to avoid crowds.  Unless assigned a specific time, you may want to arrive before or after the rush so as to not have to navigate the masses while bringing stuff in.

The Dorm Room. This is going to be your student’s world for the next year.

  • It is important to let the student be in control where unpacking is concerned. The parental urge to make everything easy will just get in the way of the emotional investment made only by putting things where they belong by the student’s self.  
  • Plan to purchase some things once you have been to the room. This ensures the laundry hamper will fit in the space provided as well as those storage boxes and bins under the bed. Plus reduces needed car space.
  • Encourage the student to move things around to find the right combination for comfort. The current set up is likely how the last students left it.
  • Bring basic tools. Rubber mallet, scissors, screwdriver, trash bags will make adjustments easy.
  • Do an initial walk through. Just like a rental agreement your student is responsible for damages. Report anything pre-existing as that you do not get billed for it. Report anything immediately to the correct department.

Preparing for Goodbye

  • This will be the last time you and the student see each other until the holidays. It will be full of emotions for all parties.
  • Slip a card or note into a nook of the room when no one is looking. It will bring a smile when finally noticed.
  • Do not over extend your time. The student will reach a point where he or she is ready to begin their college adventures.

Move in day can be stressful but hopefully these tips can ease you through the process. All in all, remember to have fun. This is an entirely new experience for both you and your student.

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