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What is a Resident Assistant?

Who or what are Resident Assistants? While you’ll definitely meet them during move-in day, we want to give you some insight so that you know what to expect ahead of time.  The main  role of a Resident Assistant (or RA for short) is to build a residential community. This primary objective is achieved as a

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Preparing for dorm room move in day

August is here already? That means fall semester is just weeks away! Next step is for you to move into your new dorm room! Here are a few tips to ensure you have a smooth process! BE PATIENT The most important thing to have during move in day. Follow the campuses procedures. It’s been built

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Survival Suggestions for First College Move In Day for Parents

That time is finally approaching. Your child is moving out of the house for the first time to attend college. Here are a few suggestions to ensure an extremely successful move in day. Early preparation will be key to a smooth transition. There are many things to figure out before you get to school that

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