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Survival Suggestions for First College Move In Day for Parents

That time is finally approaching. Your child is moving out of the house for the first time to attend college. Here are a few suggestions to ensure an extremely successful move in day. Early preparation will be key to a smooth transition. There are many things to figure out before you get to school that

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College Life – the extended version

Just like yesterday has come and gone, another semester has passed… The past school year you’ve had a number of celebrations and losses. You’ve stumbled, you’ve crawled, you’ve been inspired, you’ve been rejected, and you’ve loved or been loved in return. Like it or not, you’ve most likely experienced a combination of all of those. If you haven’t, you’re

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25 Of The Funniest Facebook Posts

Between Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine Videos and the general all time favorite Facebook, it seems as though everyone has something to say… whether you want to “hear” them or not.  So, instead of celebrating the random rants of your news thread or an annoying check in update from one of your friends who visited Chipotle for

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