How To Party & Make Good Grades!


You are an incoming freshman and the first thing you want to do is get in on the fun right? However, let us not forget that college is the blank canvas of our future. You can make it whatever you want. 

How that image is going to appear when you graduate all depends on you. 

The first thing you want to get for yourself even though it may seem old school, is get yourself a day planner. Yup, I said it… A real actual daily planner that you can write in! Don’t worry about it being fancy, all you simply need is some way of tracking your schedule and the assignments associated with the classes you’re taking. If writing this all down sounds mundane, try downloading a daily planner app for your smartphone or tablet. Tip: A few great note taking and managing apps are Planner Plus, iStudiez Pro, and To-Do List.

Once you are settled in to your classes, you should already have an agenda of what your school work load is going to be like. If you’re going to be working part-time or full-time while taking classes make sure you give yourself time in between so you are not drained.
To give you an example, here’s a simple breakdown:

To make this as realistic as possible… Let’s say you have a job and work three days a week part-time.  We all want to have Saturday’s off, but in this example we are going to work on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11AM – 3PM.  You have three classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 8AM –10AM, 11AM – 1PM and 2PM – 4PM with hour breaks in between classes and Thursday you have one class from 6PM – 8 PM each class is three units. Which means your semester is packed full. 
So, my question to you is… How in the world are you going to have time to study, work AND most importantly play? After all, that’s a huge part of college, right? ;0)

Despite how overwhelmed you may feel with it all. The solution is actually pretty simple…

You can study in between classes and you can squeeze lunch in between each hour break for 45 minutes leaving you 15 minutes to get to your next class. This also includes time before work and after work. Always allow at least a total of two to three hours of study time Monday – Friday. 

Be sure to save the weekends for some down time…  If you have nothing going on then take advantage to catch up on your studies.  Tip: Sleep is key. Avoid staying up late on class nights or cramming all night to study prior to exam. Lack of sleep will make it harder to retain information.

Ultimately, keep it simple and you will be alright! College is going to open a lot of doors for your future. Also, if you’ve ever considered going Greek, be sure to do your research. If the association aligns with your interests sign up!  Not only will the Greek program open up many opportunities it will help you succeed not only through college, but your future.  Plus, going Greek means awesome parties! 

Good luck and have fun!


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