College Life – the extended version

Just like yesterday has come and gone, another semester has passed… The past school year you’ve had a number of celebrations and losses. You’ve stumbled, you’ve crawled, you’ve been inspired, you’ve been rejected, and you’ve loved or been loved in return. Like it or not, you’ve most likely experienced a combination of all of those. If you haven’t, you’re heads either been to far up a books creases to care about the world around you OR you’re just socially inept. Either way, for the majority of you out there  – you have in some way, shape, or form gone through one heck of a roller coaster ride of life in the past year. 

Whether your past moments make you smile or frown, know that you’re not alone in the growing pains of College Life. You’ve got commonalities with people all around you. In an effort to  alleviate any uncertainties, below are the all time top 6 college moments… 

College Life, The Extended Version 

#1: Questioned your major or why you’re at college at all.. 

#2: Woke up not knowing what happened the night before, how you got home or why you’re sleeping in a tub… 

#3: Required a bit of “alone time” in your dorm room…

#4: Blew all of your money on a trip with your besties…

#5: Played a round (or 2) of beer pong & won!

#6: Started tailgating a tad too early for pre-game party action.

All in all, you college moments are you’re own. Love them, hate them, laugh at them or cry because of them – this is your time to grow through all of that. Life’s short, don’t take it for granted, and be sure to make each and every moment the best it can be. 

As a Dorm Room Movers author, feel free to leave any additional college life moments you feel are noteworthy. 



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