Three Rules To Excel in College!

Featured Guest Post By Bredt Pagenstecher @ Emory University

1)   Class comes first!
This is by far the most important rule, which is why we have all heard this rule a thousand times – maybe even more. Trust me, until you’re getting straight A’s you have not heard it enough. We pay thousands of dollars a term for our tuition, so there is no reason to give anything less than your best. Before you go out partying with your friends, make sure you are completely caught up in school. To stay caught up with a class, you should familiarize yourself with the syllabus, go to class, and study at least as many hours a week as you are in the class (unless the professor recommends otherwise). Following these rules and being caught up in class is something to celebrate. Furthermore, when you do so, you can fully enjoy your recreational time without having second thoughts of what you should actually be doing. Finish your work, feel good about it, and then have fun!
2)   Look for opportunities!
Remember, going to school doesn’t just give us a degree; it prepares us to live independently in the real world. It should teach us good work ethic, how to network, how to become financially smart, and give us experience when applying for jobs. Whether it is finding a job or applying for a scholarship, there are many opportunities out there that can save us money, make us money or improve our career (while teaching us something about ourselves at the same time!). Set goals of finding work and applying for scholarships, then manage your time to complete them. Getting a degree will surely help you out in your career, but it won’t do you much good without any job experience and the skills you’ll gain form pursuing these opportunities. Keep an open mind and look for opportunities!
3)   Relive Stress!
You can’t spell college without stress. Well… not really. But stress is inevitable! Every college student experiences stress once or twice… or a billion times in their career. There are many ways to relieve stress, some of my favorite being; working out, hanging out with good friends and practicing a hobby. You should work out at least 2 days a week for 30-45 minutes of moderate-difficult exercise. This will not only relieve your stress, but will come with countless other health benefits! Being passionate about your studies will get you through school with minimal stress. Unfortunately, most of us are not passionate enough about our studies to drive us all the way to graduation. I know I’m not. If you’re in the same boat as me, you need an activity you can find some joy in. Whether it is playing sports, or doing some type art – make sure you’re doing something you like in your life to relieve stress. 
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