Incoming Freshman, your expectation guide to moving into the residence halls

Wow! Summer is flying by! We hope your summer is filled with adventures! By now, you should’ve received your housing assignment for fall semester, if not, that’s completely okay as well. We’re here to lay out an expectation guidebook of what’s like to move in and get settled into your new dorm room. 

  1. You will hear the term “Residence Halls” being used by Community Directors and Resident Assistants instead of “Dorm Room” because Residence Life wants to create a safe, collaborative, and friendly environment for the students living there. The word Dorm Room feels very restrictive and mundane. 
  2. You will have a student community leader living in your wing called “Resident Assistants.” They act as a resource guide and enforce community standards in the wing. They are amazing, resourceful, and friendly. 
  3. If you’re able to connect with your roommate prior to moving in, do so to build a rapport. 
  4. Residence Life will send you instructions regarding move in day. Follow those to help you have a smooth move in experience. 
  5. Do not be afraid to meet people outside your wing. You never know what connection you will make. 

Exciting times ahead! Enjoy the summer sun!