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Jitters for your first college exam?

It wouldn’t be college without midterms and finals. We probably spend most of our time trying to study, instead of actually having a systematic way of doing it. Don’t worry, eventually you’ll find your groove because your grades depends on it. It’s okay to feel nervous about your first college exam, or any tests for

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Let’s Talk About the Freshman 15

Let’s talk about the dreaded “Freshman 15.” You might have heard about it, but for the uninitiated- it’s an expression associated with freshmen gaining weight during their first year in college.  The cause of the weight gain is due to a combination of increased consumption of junk/fast food, lack of exercise and sleep, and alcohol

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How to Prepare a Quick Move Out if Campus Shuts Down

By now, your college has laid out their plans for fall semester 2020 – but alas, just like how the wind can change, so can those plans. Here’s how you can prepare for a quick and smooth move out if campus decides to shut down. Let’s start at the beginning. You’ve decided to live in

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How to manage your first semester as a college freshman

For most, a day in the life of a high schooler was more pampered and complete than you may have realized. You had breakfast or at least the ingredients and tools to make it. If you didn’t wake up on time, mom or dad was on the job to wake you. Need supplies? No worries,

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College Orientation – What to expect

Congratulations, student! You’ve been accepted into the college and now you await your orientation. Here’s what you should expect. Preparation At the time of your acceptance letter, you should be receiving information about the campus either though email or mail. Read them all, as well ad do additional research about the details of freshmen orientation.

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