6 tips you haven’t heard to rock your finals

You’ve heard all the standard ramblings on how to do better on tests like get plenty of rest and eat a healthy meal. But now we’ve compiled science based and tested tips that you can implement today.

Let’s start with studying:

Multitasking doesn’t exist. Most people are under the illusion they can multitask. The science is in and we can’t. We actually rapidly switch back and forth from task to task and in that switching process we think we’re accomplishing more. However, we’re accomplish the same or less but we’re doing so in a much less effective manner. Pick one task and finish it. Then move on to the next.

Sleepy study. When you’re feeling sleepy, crack open your notes and study for a bit. According to studies, During sleep, the brain strengthens new memories. Don’t overdo it, just browse a few topics before going to bed. The limited time and little amount of data processed will help cement those memories.

Find a new coffee spot. Don’t study repetitively in the same space. When you study in one place then study the same topic in another, you force new and additional associations to the same material causing stronger memories with better retention and recall.

Onto test taking:

Don’t answer that first question…yet. Go through the entire test with a quick preview. This accomplishes a few things. For one it’ll jog your memory and give you a better idea of what’s in store. Also, take a note of the types of questions and their point value as you can now judge how to allocate your time. You’ll now know that you shouldn’t spend too much time on a 5 point question and less time on a 20 point question.

Circle words. When you’re going through a question, circle a word that is confusing or difficult as this will narrow your focus onto the key point of the question.

Boost your confidence. Go through the test and answer the easy questions first. This will boost your confidence and it’ll show quick progress which offers a sense of peace and progress that you’re getting through the test.

All that’s left is for you let us know when you get all your A’s!

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