Thank your resident assistant

We are in the endgame now. As spring semester approaches the finish line, we want to take a moment to say thank you to the ever so wonderful Resident Assistants.

An RA’s sole drive is to be a resourceful guide for students weaving through college – to be there for their students – just like their RAs were there for them. In addition to being an RA, they are also students who go to classes, study, and take exams. Their time is balanced between being a mentor, friend, and a successful student.

To all the Resident Assistants out there, thank you for your hard work! We know it’s not easy balancing RA and student life, and we know you don’t seek any sort of gratitude for the work you do, because helping others is all the joy you need.

To the students living in the residence halls, thank your Resident Assistants in any manner that seems fit, be it grand or small. Ace those finals and make this summer your best!

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