What to Bring to my Dorm Room This Fall Semester?

Prior to COVID-19, there were standard expectations on what to bring to your new dorm room, but everything’s changed with the pandemic still going on. Residence Life is reducing the density of students in residence halls by converting quads and triples into doubles and turning doubles into singles. If you plan on living in the residence halls this semester, here’s what you need to bring.

Depending on your college, campuses are shortening the semester duration, which means you’ll be moving out by November. Pack only the essential items such as your laptop and clothes. Don’t bother bringing any momentos. Purchase new bedding instead of bringing ones from your home to school with you. You need to pack light so that you’re  prepared in case there’s an emergency move out due to a COVID-19 spike.

Bring additional masks. Check with your school to find out if they will require you to wear masks and/or provide additional masks. It’s not wrong to be overprepared.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. Is it even worth it for you to live in the residence halls this fall semester? Honestly, we can’t answer that question for you – it is your choice to make. Every student has a unique situation and we can’t provide a blanketed answer. However, we can say with certainty that this school year will look & feel incredibly different from previous semesters. Your college campus and many others across the nation are doing everything in their power to provide you with high quality education and fine residence hall living experiences. Fear can be  good, but don’t let it drive you away from  your goals and dreams. 

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