4 reasons why you should live in the dorms

Pandemic aside, here’s  4 reasons why you should live in the dorms.

Social Opportunities

Residence halls will be packed with a variety of  personalities and it won’t be too difficult to cross paths with  them since it’s a close quarters environment. Socializing should be a breeze, and they are also wanting to make new friends, so it’s a perfect environment to strike up a new conversation.


Access to residence halls is only available to residents and staff by keycard, which is closely monitored by Residence Life. It’s good peace of mind to have when all of your precious belongings are there.


Residence halls are on or near campus, so all of your classes are  relatively within walking distance. No need to worry about paying and finding a parking spot.

Relatively Cost Effective

Compared to living in an apartment, residence halls are cost effective. Dorms cover utilities and the internet, while these amenities come as  a separate cost in apartment complexes. Living in an apartment also requires transportation to campus, while living on campus does not. Meal plans are debatable since you can meal prep living in an apartment. Not like you can’t do that in a residence hall, but having a meal plan usually comes with the territory as an extra incentive when deciding to live in the dorms. 

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