How was your winter break?

Now that you’re back, how does it feel? We know that It’s difficult to snap right back into school after any type of break. Moreover, it seems like this particular academic vacation is doubly hard on the students. The reason for this being that even though you’re technically “on break” there isn’t much time for rest and recuperation – not with that much family around. 

Did you get to catch up on sleep? You know, that massive sleep debt you racked up cramming for midterms doesn’t go away just because you leave campus. If you were one of the few that was able to balance your family time and alone time, we salute you. Relaxation time is key to recalibrating yourself, and will surely give you a one-up on your studies now that you’re back at school. However, if you were one of the many, and now find yourself feeling somehow more tired than you were before winter break started – we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. Not only are you not alone, but it’s also not too late to catch some ZZZ’s just because school is back in session. 

It’s never too late to make a change. With the New Year having just started, there is sure to be talk of resolutions and promises everywhere you go. Whether you want to call it a resolution or an intention for the New Year is neither here nor there. The name has no bearing, really, because what truly matters is that you’re making a commitment to yourself to try. You’re trying to be better, and perhaps you’re pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Be proud of yourself for that, and try to remember that if you slip up or falter, you can always get right back up. 

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