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Something light and Fun

Throughout the past several blogs, we’ve broken down what campus life will look like amidst this ongoing pandemic – so we’ll do something light and fun for this blog to ease the stressful situation we’re already in. For those that have begun classes this past week or sometime in the month of August, this is

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It’s time to swap out your drab winter decorations with bright, pastel Springtime colors! Here are a few ideas to liven up your dormitory room. PLANTS Aesthetically pleasing  for any dorm room, while providing fresh air! RUGS Let’s face it. The default carpet you’re provided is neither beautiful, nor comfortable. . Find a rug that

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Return of the student

To all the students returning to classes this week after winter break – welcome back to your home away from home! Instead of providing you with a list of ways to stay motivated for spring semester, we figured we’d do something a bit more lighthearted. Enjoy! Chin up, champ – , coming back is not

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How was your winter break?

Now that you’re back, how does it feel? We know that It’s difficult to snap right back into school after any type of break. Moreover, it seems like this particular academic vacation is doubly hard on the students. The reason for this being that even though you’re technically “on break” there isn’t much time for

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