ACTIVITIES to do at home during lock down

Whatever day you’re on during quarantine, it’s safe to say we’re all trying to find ways to stay mentally stimulated at home. Luckily for you, we provided a short but sweet list of activities you can indulge yourself in.

  • Learn a new language: There are several great apps you can download to learn a new language. Our personal favorite is Duolingo!
  • Learn how to code: Coding is the new literacy. There are kids making apps now! Both Apple and Google provide coding sessions to get you started!
  • Physical exercise: It’s so easy to fall into the trap of being a couch potato! To avoid such a thing, look into 7 minute workouts! There are a set of specific workouts you can do in a 7 minute time frame and they range from easy, mid-level, advance workouts.
  • Create a Tik-Tok video: You knew this was going to be on the list at some point but if you haven’t heard about Tik-Tok already, well, it’s the hottest social media app right now. The basic premise is to express yourself in form of dancing, singing, comedy, or lip-syncing, basically an app version of karaoke.
  • Learn to cook/learn new recipes: For those whose cooking skills needs a bit of sharpening (no pun intended), this is a great opportunity to perfect your inner chef. For those who are proficient in the kitchen, try learning new recipes to build your repertoire.

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