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Storage and shipping solutions for a pandemic ridden semester

Spring semester 2020 taught us great lessons. When COVID-19 hit, campuses across the nation reacted and adapted quickly to ensure the safety of every student, faculty, and staff member. Classes went online, and students were encouraged to return home after spring break. The students left on campus were on high alert trying to keep pace

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An Extrovert’s perspective on quarantine

For this week’s blog, we are going to slightly step aside from our usual school and moving related topics, and dive into an extrovert’s perspective on quarantine. The short story? It’s been incredibly tough. As a person who draws immense energy from being around other people, the extreme lack of social interaction is making me

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Something light and Fun

Throughout the past several blogs, we’ve broken down what campus life will look like amidst this ongoing pandemic – so we’ll do something light and fun for this blog to ease the stressful situation we’re already in. For those that have begun classes this past week or sometime in the month of August, this is

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Facing the UNCERTAINTY of Fall Semester 2020

Fall semester 2020 is nearly upon us, and just like you, we’ve been monitoring real closely for updates on what colleges are planning to launch for the upcoming academic calendar year. We’ve seen plans range from open campus with restrictions to fully remote learning. There is also a hybrid option that is a combination  of

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How to Prepare a Quick Move Out if Campus Shuts Down

By now, your college has laid out their plans for fall semester 2020 – but alas, just like how the wind can change, so can those plans. Here’s how you can prepare for a quick and smooth move out if campus decides to shut down. Let’s start at the beginning. You’ve decided to live in

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What residence halls are doing for fall semester 2020

Last week, we discussed the health and safety measures that campuses across the nation are implementing for fall semester 2020 during the pandemic. These policies are vast and highly detailed, but they are great first steps needed to both ensure high quality academic education and maintain good health safety protocols. This week, we’ll look into

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What to expect during fall semester 2020 pandemic

When the pandemic hit during spring semester 2020, institutions from across the nation moved swiftly to prioritize  the health and safety of  all faculty, staff, and students on campus. In person sessions were converted to  remote, and then there was the housing situation. Many students living on campus had to do emergency move outs, and

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Summer quarantine thoughts

Ah, Summertime – the maker of our traveling dreams. This summer challenges that idea with the ongoing pandemic, cripping the traveling industry and therefore, our collective wanderlust. Flights and plans were cancelled and airlines were forced to either credit accounts or offer a refund. So, you ask yourself – what now? Great question. We actually

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College orientation during the pandemic

At this point,  the idea of returning to normal might sound like a far away dream, but we have to keep moving forward – no matter what. The pandemic hit heavy during spring semester 2020 and the changes came fast and hard. Students had to leave or stay away from campus, and resumed learning online.

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