Facing the UNCERTAINTY of Fall Semester 2020

Fall semester 2020 is nearly upon us, and just like you, we’ve been monitoring real closely for updates on what colleges are planning to launch for the upcoming academic calendar year. We’ve seen plans range from open campus with restrictions to fully remote learning. There is also a hybrid option that is a combination  of open campus and remote. Lastly, ofcourse, are the campuses which will remain completely closed. Keep in mind, these plans could change in the middle of the semester as well. Additionally, there are other factors to consider, which include the appropriate tuition cost during the pandemic, deciding to live on campus, or even entertaining the fact of simply taking classes at all for the 2020-2021 school year. There is an unprecedented amount of uncertainties that would drive anyone’s anxiousness through the stratosphere, so here’s how to face them all head on.

Just like the wind can change direction at any moment, you have to possess a mindset that can adapt to these rapid changes. It’s important that you prepare yourself. If you decide to take classes (whether it’s remote or in person), as well as live in the residence halls, you should go into it expecting changes to happen at the drop of a dime. One moment, you could be in the middle of lecture, and the next moment, classes could be closed down due to an unexpected spike in COVID-19 cases. Colleges have created contingency plans to both mitigate these problems, as well as enable them to smoothly transition from one plan to another. 

For those on the fence about going back to school in general, all we can say is you just have to commit to a decision and be able to live with that decision. We know. Easier said than done. However, we feel it’s much better to make a decision than to make none at all. Otherwise, you’ll be so trapped in this endless cycle of pros and cons debates that you won’t be able to move on at all. From what we’ve seen, universities are changing the way they deliver their academic courses to students in this pandemic, both by making it more remote friendly and by giving students opportunities to access these courses if they’re facing technical issues.

Be well informed and stay vigilant, and you’ll be able to face any obstacle in your way. 

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